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About Our Whiskey Program

The Taylor & Taylor Whiskey program is a continuous series of tastings and whiskey education programs in and around Boston. We believe whiskey enthusiasts want to learn about and sample rare and interesting whiskeys. Our goal is to consistently provide you with hard-to-find whisk(e)ys from around the world and to share in-depth information we collect first-hand by visiting the distilleries and meeting with whiskey makers.

Whiskey hobbyists pursue whiskey with fervor and intensity. They constantly look to expand their palates and broaden their understanding. We cut through the marketing, intensely study whiskey and travel directly to distilleries to gain unique insights.

The goal of this program is to take the knowledge, insight and the great whiskeys we find and present them to you so you can share in the experience. We will have succeeded if we can truly enhance your appreciation of the best spirit in the world: whiskey.

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